Mealworms, Algae Make A Tasty Dish At London Fest |Nayab Khan

India Knight and Danny Jack use meal worms, algae, tree sap and homegrown flowers in a delicious spread served in a tree house to get their customers thinking about where their food comes from and its impact on the planet.


In a project subsidised by the global health foundation, the Wellcome Trust, Knight, a micro-biologist by training, and Jack were cooking 40 covers twice a day from a make-shift kitchen at the base of a tree at the Shuffle Film Festival in an East London park.
The Symbiosis Restaurant is a key attribute of the Shuffle film festival curated by “Shallow Graves” film director Danny Boyle who was behind the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games.
The ethereal restaurant, around 30 m (yards) above ground in the canopy of the lush, overgrown Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, was structured by Jess Sutton and features lightbulbs using bio-luminescence extracted from squid, an ingredient that features in one of the starters.
“It’s an inspirational space and I love the way they use organic ingredients and the impression behind it,” said Ilaria Leone, a content manager at an interior design company. “It kept you thinking as you walked off through the cemetery.”
Each dish has a title that explains a relationship between the ingredients. To serve as parasitism, a tacos dish uses a fungus that causes corn smut, the chicken tacos dish that eventually kills the corn on which it lives, and Knight says that this serves as what humans are in danger of doing to the planet they depend on to live.
“The use of cows for meat, for example, is bad for the planet and bad for humans, as well as the animals,” she told Reuters during a busy deal.
“Land needs to be cleared for the cows to graze on, and the meat is not good for human health.”
She hopes that representing the food in the tree house will remind diners of how, in other parts of the world, trees are being cleared to make way for cattle to graze.
The food is elegantly presented, and features edible flowers such as violets grown in Knight’s own garden and herbs growing in the cemetery park, which is surrounded by tower blocks in the gritty district of Mile End.
But it is meal worms grown in east London, and served in dumplings fermented with Chinese vinegar, that represent the direction people should be looking to source their protein in future.
Using insects for sustenance will enable humans to wean themselves from the destructive mass production of protein involved in producing meat and some vegetable crops, Knight said.

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A Real Life Angel Fallen From Sky |Nayab Khan

sunyuan pengyu  Two Chinese Artists Created This Terrifying Hyper-realistic Sculpture Of The Falling Angel  Must Link - human like ‘Angel’ has fallen out of the skies over China. The immensely human like creature with what seems to be angel wings as arms appears to have drop down from the sky in China’s capital.
But, before you lose your breath, the exceedingly realistic work was maked by Chinese artists, Sun Yuan and Peng Yu. The pair is known for blurring the lines between art and reality by using resources such as human body fat in their work.
Their latest piece, permit ‘Angel’ has just been installed in China’s capital, publicize People’s Daily Online. It attributes an old lady prostrating on the ground with featherless wings on her back, has shocked people on Beijing Street. This piece of work is made of silica gel, fiberglass, and stainless steel etc.
The intension behind the ‘shockingly realistic’ angel is to highlight the tension and changeover between the supernatural and the mundane. The angel, a transcendent being, has become powerless, impotent to carry out God’s will, or to help those who believe in its existence, foreign media reported.
‘Angel’ is the brainchild of Beijing artists Sun Yuan and Peng Yu, who have been known to create artwork from real human corpses and flesh.
Their current piece is made from silica gel, fibreglass, stainless steel and woven mesh, Bored Panda reports, but that doesn’t mean it looks any less real.

sunyuan pengyu  Two Chinese Artists Created This Terrifying Hyper-realistic Sculpture Of The Falling Angel  Must Link -
sunyuan pengyu  Two Chinese Artists Created This Terrifying Hyper-realistic Sculpture Of The Falling Angel  Must Link - pengyu  Two Chinese Artists Created This Terrifying Hyper-realistic Sculpture Of The Falling Angel  Must Link - pengyu  Two Chinese Artists Created This Terrifying Hyper-realistic Sculpture Of The Falling Angel  Must Link -

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School Bans Spicy Snacks After They Cause Boy To Stop Breathing|Amir GM

Doritos Roulette

School says the Doritos (snacks), which are 10 times hotter than a jalapeno, can cause “severe distress”

A school in Britain has banned the Doritos, billed as the hottest crisp of Britain, after they cause a student to stop breathing!

Teachers at the George Pindar School said that these spicy snacks – that are the 10 times more hotter than a jalapeno,  are a health and safety risk.

The secondary school in Scarborough sent a letter to parents warning them the snack can cause “severe distress” and advised kids to steer clear.

Doritos warning

The fiery flavor has already been outlawed in the United States and Doritos boast on its website the snack will “leave you close to tears”.

One parent said: “You don’t want to be putting something in your children’s packed lunches that’s going to leave them unwell. “It’s good the school are doing something about it.”

A school spokesperson said:

“In relation to the cautionary note in our newsletter with regard to the Doritos Roulettes it was placed in there after an incident with a student where they had experienced some difficulty breathing after eating one.The student had a pre-existing respiratory condition which clearly made them sensitive to the hot element of the Doritos chip.”

The crisps were launched in April and one in every handful is coated with a fiery flavouring which measures 78,000 units on the Scoville Heat Scale – a Scotch Bonnet pepper rates between 100,000 to 350,000.

When they were launched a Doritos spokesman said:

“There’s a warning on the pack for a reason – the invisible hot chips are exactly that.They’re hotter than most of the spiciest dishes out there so youre going to want to have a glass of milk at the ready in case you get one!”

A Doritos spokesman said:

“We warn people to expect a seriously spicy experience with Doritos Roulette and we make this clear on the pack and in our adverts.The front of the pack states ‘Warning: Some of these chips are ultra spicy’, and we also warn that Doritos Roulette are not recommended for young children.”

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Facebook |Nayab Khan


Facebook is an online popular give and take service headquartered in Menlo Park, California. Its website was launched on February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg with his Harvard College roomies and associate students Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes.The builder had initially limited the website’s membership to Harvard students, but later splay it to colleges in the Boston area, the Ivy League, and Stanford University. It slowly added support for students at a variety of other universities and later to high-school students. Since 2006, anyone who is at least 13 years old is permit to become a registered user of the website, though the age requirement may be higher depending on applicable local laws. Its name comes from a colloquialism for the directory given to it by American universities’ students.
After registering to use the site, users can create a user profile, add other users as “friends”, exchange messages, post status updates and photos, share videos and receive notifications when others update their profiles.
Type: Public Traded as NASDAQ: FB NASDAQ-100 Component , S&P 500 Component
Founded: February 4, 2004; 11 years ago Headquarters: Menlo Park, California, US
Coordinates 37.484848°N 122.148386°WCoordinates: 37.484848°N 122.148386°W
Area served: United States (2004–05)Worldwide, except blocked countries (2005–present)
Founder(s): Mark Zuckerberg,Eduardo Saverin,Andrew McCollum,Dustin Moskovitz,Chris Hughes
Key people: Mark Zuckerberg (Chairman and CEO) , Sheryl Sandberg (COO)
Industry: Internet Revenue: Increase US$12.466 billion (2014)
Operating income: Increase US$4.982 billion (2014)
Net income: Increase US$2.94 billion (2014) Total assets: Increase US$40.184 billion (2014)
Total equity: Increase US$36.096 billion (2014) Employees: 10,082 (March 2015)
Subsidiaries: Instagram , WhatsApp , Oculus VR , PrivateCore
Written in: C++, PHP (as HHVM) and D language Alexa rank: Steady 2 (July 2015)
Type of site: Social networking service Registration: Required
Users: Increase 1.44 billion monthly active users (March 31, 2015)
Available in: Multilingual (70) Current status: Active
Mark Zuckerberg
Zuckerberg at the 37th G8 summit in 2011
Born: Mark Elliot Zuckerberg (born May 14, 1984) (age 31) , White Plains, New York, U.S.
Residence: Palo Alto, California, U.S. Alma mater: Phillips Exeter Academy(2000-02)
Harvard University (dropped out)
Occupation: Computer programmer, Internet entrepreneur Years active: 2004–present
Known for: Co-founding Facebook Home town: Dobbs Ferry, New York, U.S.
Salary: $1.00 a year Net worth: Increase US$42.5 billion (July 2015)
Title: Chairman and CEO of Facebook Spouse(s): Priscilla Chan (m. 2012)
Relatives: Randi Zuckerberg (sister) Website:

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is an instantaneous messaging assistance and application software which provides text and voice communication. Integrated with Facebook’s web-based Chat feature and built on the open MQTT protocol, Messenger lets Facebook users chat with friends both on mobile and on the main website.
Facebook reported in March 2015 that Facebook Messenger has reached 600 million users. David A. Marcus heads Facebook Messenger and had joined Facebook on invitation of Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook.

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Papercut Arts |Nayab Khan

papercut artPapercutting or paper cutting is the art of cutting paper designs. The art has expand outstandingly all over the world to adapt to different cultural styles.

A silhouette of Goethe (1778).
The oldest surviving paper cut out is a symmetrical circle from the 6th century Six Dynasties period found in Xinjiang China.Papercutting continued to be practiced during the Song and Tang Dynasties as a popular form of decorative art.
By the eighth or ninth century papercutting grew in West Asia and in Turkey in the 16th century. Within a century, papercutting was being done in most of middle Europe (see also scherenschnitte and silhouette).

Main article: Chinese paper cutting
Chinese paper cutting, in a style that is practically identical to the original 6th-century form
Jianzhi , is a traditional style of papercutting in China. Jianzhi has been practiced in China since at least the 6th century A.D. Jianzhi has a number of distinct uses in Chinese culture, almost all of which are for health, prosperity or decorative purposes. Red is the most commonly used color. Jianzhi cuttings often have a heavy emphasis on Chinese characters symbolizing the Chinese zodiac animals.
Although paper cutting is popular around the globe, only the Chinese paper cut was listed in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists, which was in 2009. The Chinese paper-cutting was recognized and listed because it has a history of more than 1500 years and it represents cultural values of the people throughout China.
Modern paper cutting has developed into a commercial industry. Papercutting remains popular in contemporary China, especially during special events like the Chinese New Year or weddings.


Sanjhi is the Indian art of paper cutting. The cut paper is usually placed on the floor and colors are filled in to make Rangoli.

The Japanese kirigami style

Kiri-e is the Japanese art of paper cutting, while kirigami, also called monkiri, involves cutting and folding paper.

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