Airblock is the first enjoyable, transformable, crash-able, and rebuild-able drone ever presented by Shenzhen-based robotics startup Makeblock! It’s transformable feature includes many options like it that can be turned into a hovercraft, a car, in general. What gets more interesting is that you can use your programming skills into something interesting and tangible artifacts.
Excited to know what are its features?
It is easy to connect all the modular pieces together
Through programming cool aerial stunts can be done
You can create things according to your imagination
•Versus Mode
You can race with others in this
Smart devices can be used to control
•Indoor Friendly
Bump into walls without making dents
Airblock has lightweight and is adaptable with magnetic parts, that can be assembled and disassembled easily. Its light weighted and engineered foam is soft, strong and durable. Its fans/blades are covered by hexagons. Hexacopter and hovercraft are the two main modes of drone but it can be transmuted into new modes. spec

This programmable drone is not only beneficial for programmers but also for children’s learning and creates their interest towards science and technology and their imagination comes to life.

Steps to activate Airblock drone:
•Read the value of three-axis gyroscope.
•Control aircraft to rotate.
•Control aircraft to move.
•Obtain ultra-sonic value.
•Control hovercraft to rotate.
•Control hovercraft to move.
•Set LED color.
•Set aircraft’s rotation angle.
•An interface for a simple numeric keypad.

The Airblock drone can be controlled through its app or you can use programming language or create new inhibitions in the app using drag –and-drop coding languages. It can be transformed into new modes
//add gif which has different modes


•Control core x 1
•Blade modules x 6
•Spare blades x 6
•Blade shields x 10
•Hovercraft base x 1
•Charger x 1
•Li- battery x 1
•USB cable x 1