Princess of Hope & Sphinx Like Structure 740 Year Old Mountain Near Gwadar, Makuran Coastal Highway!

343821057600000000000000000 Princess of Hope & Sphinx Like Structure 740 Year Old Mountain Near Gwadar, Makuran Coastal Highway! Hingol National Park is located along the Makran coast in southwestern Balochistan Province, southwestern Pakistan. It lies within sections of Lasbela District, Gwadar District, and Awaran District. The Gulf of Oman of the Arabian Sea are to the […]


13 Muslim Inventions & Discoveries To Modern The World In Islamic Age

343821057600000000000000000Muslim Scientist And Their 1001 Inventions & Discoveries 1~ Coffee An Arab named Khalid in kaffa in  southern Ethiopia was one day grazing goats and observed that his goats became more energetic and much livelier than before after some time. After further inspection, he found out that this energetic behavior was because of certain berries […]


Eat 2 Banana’s In A Day That Give Change In Your Body

343821057600000000000000000   Bananas are perhaps one of nature’s most under-rated fruits. The yellow skinned fruits are easy to overlook, especially when it seems as if there’s always some new and exotic type of fruit that’s being touted as the next big thing. However, the fact remains that bananas are a tasty super food that can […]

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Fresh Mint, Valued For Its Medicinal & Fresh-Smelling Fragrance.

343821057600000000000000000Fresh Mint, An Aromatic Plant. Valued For Its Medicinal & Fresh-Smelling Fragrance. Insects are the most numerous species on Earth. In fact, there are over 200 million insects living on our planet right now. They are arthropods whose body is divided into parts and covered in exoskeleton that can grow into a shell. They also […]

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The Mystery of “Unknown Man E”. Is Murderous Son of Ramesses III?

343821057600000000000000000 Pentawer (Unknown Man E): Pentawer (or Pentaweret) was an ancient Egyptian prince of the 20th dynasty, a son of Pharaoh Ramesses III and a secondary wife, Tiye. He was involved in the so-called “harem conspiracy“, a plot to kill his father and place Pentawer on the throne. He either killed himself or was executed following […]