earth and mars

Exploring Mars – Discovering Earth|Mehak Iqbal

earth and mars

Life on earth 10,000 years ago was so different that we would have a hard time imagining it but let’s try think of a family sitting in a cave front of a fire kindled with sticks and stones.
Now go back to 200 years ago imagine another family living in a stone house with a fire place for light and warmth and horses for transportation.
Look at us today. Look at all the modern conveniences that we have within an arm’s reach water, electricity and modern transportation. 200 years ago even the first light bulb was not invented. Our ancestors would have never thought that we would now be living in the world of planes, train and automobiles. How do this happen? What made it possible? Man is adventurous, intelligent and his thirst for knowledge is limitless. This unsuitable thirst has urged him to probe and unravel the mysteries of earth and space. Thousands of years ago man had Locked at the heavens and the forces of nature around him so intimidated and awed that he worshiped the unknown. Our knowledge and discoveries have brought us to a point where what once was worshiped is now being understood and conquered. The last century has witnessed information explosion while the depths and heights of earth are being explored discovered we also venture beyond.


The major break was through was made in 1699 by a mathematician kepler who proved that planets orbit the sun in an elliptical or oval paths. Now scientists were able to work out where in the sky planet will be at any time today or in the future. With the scientist knowledge to measure space and predict movement the possibility of space travel grew. USA and USSR raced to put the first rocket into space. In 1957, USSR became the first nation to launch the rocket sputnik into space. In 1961, Yuri Gagan, a Russian was the first man to travel in space. In 1969, Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the moon. Now the desire to know more and more about mars intensified. Thanks to the NASA’s Viking lander, Mars global surveyor, Mars exploration rovers named spirit and opportunity, Mars express and ongoing studies. We now understand red planet better. Mars has both north and south polar ice caps. Some scientists think that life could have once existed there. A year on mars is of 687 days a Martian day is 24 hour and 37.5 minutes long. Mars has seasons too like earth. It is an incredible planet with mountains craters and caverns like earth so why is this information useful to you and me? I will tell you why!


Within the past few decades humans have made such tremendous discoveries and scientific leaps. He invented PCs, laptops then cellular phones and the future appears to be brighter than ever. So let us unleash our imagination. Let’s travel into the future together.
Fast forward 100 years. There is another family. Their house is made of high tech mountains that regulate the temperature. The transport doesn’t run on petrol. This family lives on Mars. It is not weird. If we work at the vast advances that man has made especially in the past century, we can see that human potential is truly limitless. We make new inventions and new discoveries. Every day and are constantly making an effort to improve our lives and the world we live in. Given the fact that Earth‘s population is continuously increasing, its four to assume that we may one day want to inhabit a different world. 100 years from now boarding a rocket might be as common as boarding a plane to Islamabad or Dubai, we will go from one planet to the next making our world bigger and bigger.

Our thirst for knowledge drive to discover and to create stems from wanting to discover our own potential. Every time a new discovery is made, the question arises: What next, we don’t ask why but why not? So if we think it is hard to believe that humans could live on Mars. Imagine what shock our ancestors would have experienced if they saw where we were now. The one thing that we have proved is that our search for knowledge is unstoppable and God willing impossible is nothing.

Collected And Prepared By Mehak Iqbal

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