Is Titanic was a S.S Titan? It sank or they Sinked – coincidence or Planned?

Be careful before reading any book as it can become reality one day


Story Begins in (1898) when Morgan Robertson`s write novel with t
he title The Wreck of the Titan.
Believe or Not this book was the window to the future or it was imitate in the future. Gods Knows Better.

Mr. Morgan wrote in his Book that the Ship’s name SS Titan Lost and Sank after colliding with iceberg in the month of April. He write further that the main character of his book  was downloads all the Lifeboats from SS Titan after calming the this ship is un sank-able but un wontedly ship collides and sank.

How Strange after 14 years world have to witness for the same event in real life. Can say that the Fiction turn into reality?

Yes! IT was 1912 and the ship was RMS TITANIC. shocked?


No one can think that one day this book become reality.
This is not the only coincident that both sank but  there are lots more let me explain it.

  1. The Titanic and the SS Titan were both triple-screwed British passenger liners with a capacity of 3,000 and a top speed of 24 knots.
  2. Both were deemed unsinkable; both carried too few lifeboats.
  3. And both sank in April in the North Atlantic after colliding with an iceberg on the forward starboard side.



Here are few un common Things

  1. Titan sailed from New York to Liverpool; — Titanic, Southampton to New York.
  2. It was the Titan’s third voyage; —  Titanic’s first.
  3. Titan was 800 feet long, weighed 45,000 tons; — Titanic, 880 feet long, weighed 46,328 tons.
  4. Titan had fifteen watertight compartments;  — Titanic, nine.
  5. Titan had 40,000 horsepower; —  Titanic, 45,000 horsepower.
  6. Titan’s speed, 25 knots; — Titanic’s, 24 knots.

Titan and Titanic Coincidence or Synchronicity?

They try to hide the reality and they Republish the Futility

Futility, 1898 Edition About the Titan

Morgan Robertson’s  ship’s loss. It hits an iceberg and drown in month of April.

The Titanic struck an iceberg in the same month of April at 11:40 p.m. 14, 1912  the figured 14 is the  date here but most of the scholars claim that this number 14 is actually the Difference of years in the novel and the real event.

The novel was republished, after the Titanic sank, with the title Futility and the Wreck of the Titan. Some of the Titan’s statistics were changed.


John Rowland, Futility’s hero, is a disgraced former Royal Navy lieutenant, who’s a drunkard. After being dismissed from the Navy, he’s a deckhand on the Titan. Then ship hits an iceberg and sinks. There aren’t enough lifeboats. He saves a former lover’s daughter by jumping onto the iceberg with her. Rowland finds a lifeboat washed up on the iceberg and they’re rescued by a passing ship.





Aftab Muhammed khan