Taylor Swift Pic From 1989 Album

John Green says he wants to cast Taylor Swift in ‘Looking For Alaska’|Amir GM

Taylor Swift Pic From 1989 Album


As almost all of us might already know, the friendship between Taylor Swift and John Green is no secret from the social network. On twitter, both artists have occasionally tweeted nice and inspirational comments about each other. Moreover, there friendship has gone so far as for John to consider the idea of casting Taylor in his new film ‘Looking For Alaska‘.

Taylor Swift On Twitter About John Green
Taylor Swift’s tweet stating John Green as her favourite writer.









John Green After Talking To Taylor Swift On Phone
John Green after talking to Taylor Swift on phone














“It’s not my decision who to cast. I do like Taylor Swift a lot, I’m a big Taylor swift fan,”

John told Access Hollywood at the “Paper Towns” junket, when asked if he’d like the “Bad Blood” singer to take on one of his characters on the big screen.

Although John and Taylor have made their mutual fandom for each other known on Tumblr and Twitter, they haven’r yet met in person!

John Green expressed his desire to meet Taylor Swift:

“Unfortunately, she is just as awesome in person as you’d expect, she is amazing. So yes, I am a huge fan of hers and I’m very appreciate of the support that she’s shown my books. I’d love to meet her.”

When asked about possible roles for Taylor, John said he could see the singer taking on multiple “Looking for Alaska” roles.

“It could be one of those movies where Taylor Swift plays every character, just in a different outfit… like ‘Austin Powers.”’ Starring Taylor Swift, AND Taylor Swift.”, he said.

John Green trying not to freak out!
John Green trying not to freak out on Taylor mentioning of him as her favorite writer







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