Amazing underwater ‘crop circles’ spun by Japanese puffer fish|Amir GM

 The intricate patterns are beautiful, but these gorgeous surprises also serve a purpose. 

puffer circle

Underwater photographer Yoji Ookata has spent 50 years exploring the ocean depths, but he was still surprised by the sight of massive underwater patterns resembling the crop circles still surprised him.

The “mystery circle” as he called it was more than six feet in diameter and contained intricate patterns of ridges and radiating out from the center. To find out that what on earth could have created these amazing structures located 80 feet below the surface of the ocean, Ookata returned to the depths with a TV crew to find out.

It was revealed last week in a Japanese television special entitled “The Discovery of the Century: Deep Sea Mystery Circle,” that the patterns were not caused by underwater currents but by a tiny puffer fish.


Ookata and his video crew observed a tiny male fish spending days to make the circular ridges on the ocean floor using only a flapping fin. It involved not only just moving sand around: the fish actually carried shells into the pattern, broke them, and scattered the pieces along the inner ridges of the pattern, according to an account of the television special on the website Spoon & Tango, which is dedicated to Japanese art and design.

Puffer Fish's made Circle

While beautiful, these “mystery circles” also served a purpose: they attracted females who mated with the male and laid their eggs in the center of the circle. The scientists on the mission observed that the eggs are actually protected by the ridges and patterns, which neutralize currents and make them less susceptible to predators.

pufferfish protecting eggs

The team observed several puffer fish creating these structures, and discovered one more key element to the mystery: the males that created more intricate circles attracted the most females.

As for the seashells, they, too, may be more than decoration. It’s possible they provide nutrients to the young puffer fish as the eggs hatch.

So like we read above, the pufferfish did everything to serve a purpose which proves its level of skill and intelligence. You can even see this work of the puffer fish in action below:


Aujin Rew in 
Kham, China|Amir GM

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In the remote Chinese valleys of Larung and Garzê, Korean photographer Aujin Rew discovers rows upon rows of wooden huts at the largest Tibetan Buddhist teaching centres in the world.

World’s biggest Buddhist centre

A Korean photographer travelling overland from east Asia to Europe. While crossing China, he went to Kham for a glimpse of Tibetan culture. This is Larung Gar – one of the largest and most influential centres for Tibetan Buddhism in the world.

World's Biggest Buddhist Center


Prayer flags, Larung valley

Larung Gar was founded in an uninhabited valley by Jigme Phuntsok in 1980 and is now home for up to 40,000 monks, nuns and students of Buddhism. On the hill overlooking the encampment, these monks were taking photos of each other on smartphones.

Prayer Flags, Larung Valley


Prayer hut, Yarchen

A nun meditating in her hut above Yarchen monastery, which is in a valley in Garzê [a Tibetan autonomous prefecture in Sichuan] and is home to more than 10,000 nuns and monks.


Prayer Hut, Yarchen

All photographs: Aujin Rew


The Most Haunted Places in the World|Amir GM


In this artical we present to you the world’s most haunted places if you have a desire to be HAUNTED!

1. Eastern State Penitentiary, Pennsylvania, United States

1. Eastern State Penitentiary, Pennsylvania, United States

Built in 1829, Eastern State Penitentiary is a former prison in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It’s known for being the very first prison of its kind to introduce the Pennsylvania System. Prisoners were sent to solitary during this time as a form of rehabilitation. They would be completely isolated. Whenever an inmate left his cell, a black hood would be placed over his head to assure he remained in confinement.

Due to this kind of treatment of the prisoners, many of them were driven to madness until the Pennsylvania system was abandoned in 1913. After that it has been used as a normal prison and held many dangerous and threatening criminals as well.

Since 1940, there had been reports on some paranormal activity going on at the prison, but after the abandonment of the prison in 1970, these experiences have been increasing gradually.

Reports include:

  • Figures that seem to quickly turn away when approached
  • A dark figure that is occasionally seen in the guard tower
  • An evil cackling is heard coming from cell block 12
  • Ghostly faces have been witnessed in cell block 4

2. Waverly Hills Sanitorium – Kentucky, United States

2) Waverly Hills Sanitorium – Kentucky, United States

Waverly Hills was originally a two-story wooden building that was opened in 1910, however the building we see today was constructed in 1926. It served as a tuberculosis hospital throughout the early to mid 20th Century, a time when the disease was at its worst. It is beleived that over 63,000 patients died there. The amount of deaths that took place there and the supposed mistreatment might be the contributing factors in making this site the most haunted places in the whole of the U.S.

This sanitarium has built quite a reputation as many people are allowed to investigate its premises. A team that investigated there spotted a boy’s figure in there thermal imaging devices and later found out that a ghost of a boy named Tim has been spotted there before.

There are vast amounts of varying reports, including full bodied apparitions, fleeting shadows, screams from empty rooms, footsteps, sudden cold spots, and disembodied voices among many others.

30 Interesting Facts About Switzerland|Amir GM

The tiny nation of Switzerland is known for its beauty, landscape, cheese and above all as a financial heaven. But in addition to these already known facts, here are 30 and Interesting Facts About Switzerland.


1-5 Interesting Facts About Switzerland:



1. The average salary of a teacher in Switzerland in 2010 was $112000 per year.

2. In Switzerland, it is illegal to deny that the holocaust happened.

3. Switzerland is unique for having enough nuclear fallout shelters to accommodate its entire human population.

4. In Switzerland, it is illegal to keep just one guinea pig. You got to have them in pairs

5. Men in Switzerland are required to keep the firearms they are issued during their military service at home even after they leave the military to prevent any home break ins and to have the countries men ready to mobilize in the event of a threat.


6-10 Interesting Facts About Switzerland:


6. There is a 500-year-old statue of a man eating a sack of babies in Bern, Switzerland, and nobody is sure why.

7. A Swiss Jeweler made a $68 million ring that was made entirely out of diamond.

8. One of Switzerland’s main defense strategies is to demolish every main access into the country via roads, bridges, and railways. There are at least 3,000 locations currently prepared to blow at a moment’s notice in case of an attack.

9. In Switzerland, a group of citizens may challenge a law passed by Parliament, if they are able to gather 50,000 signatures against the law within 100 days. A national vote is scheduled where voters decide by a simple majority whether to accept or reject the law.

10. Assisted suicide is legal in Switzerland. It is also legal in Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and three American states (Oregon, Washington, and Montana).

11-15 Interesting Facts About Switzerland:


11. The German township of Büsingen am Hochrhein is entirely surrounded by Switzerland.

12. Switzerland claimed neutrality during WW2 and therefore thousands of people deposited their hard-earned money in Switzerland. When the depositors died, the relatives were denied any access to their funds, funds that the banks continued to make interest off. They also funneled hundreds of millions into Nazi Germany.

13. There has been an ongoing research in Switzerland about using LSD to alleviate end of life anxiety for terminally ill cancer patients coping with their impending deaths. The preliminary results from the study are being deemed “promising”.

14. Switzerland has no single Head of State. It instead has a seven-member executive council, which serves as the Swiss collective head of state.

15. About 56% of Electricity generated in Switzerland is from hydroelectricity and another 39% from nuclear power, resulting in a nearly CO2-free electricity-generating network.

16-20 Interesting Facts About Switzerland:


16. The BBC pulled an April Fools prank, duping hundreds of thousands of individuals into thinking spaghetti was annually harvested from “spaghetti trees” in Switzerland.

17. There is a political party in Switzerland, called the “Anti Powerpoint Party”. It works towards decreasing the use of Powerpoint in professional presentations.

18. A lawyer in Switzerland represents animals in court. He has even prosecuted a fisherman for taking too long to catch a Pike.

19. Switzerland is abbreviated to ‘CH’ because of its Latin name, ‘Confoederatio Helvetica.’

20. Switzerland, which is often praised as a model for direct democracy, did not grant women the right to vote in any of the elections until 1990.

21-25 Interesting Facts About Switzerland:


21. There is a giant three-legged chair in Geneva, Switzerland dedicated to the opposition of use of landmines.

22. The country of Liechtenstein is so small that in 2007, Swiss troops accidentally invaded it after getting lost in a rainstorm.

23. Charlie Chaplin’s corpse was stolen by a small group of Swiss mechanics in an attempt to extort money from Chaplin’- Source family. After retrieving his body, he was reburied under 6 feet (1.8 m) of concrete to prevent further attempts.

24. Amongst industrialized nations, Switzerland has one of the highest rates of gun ownership, but has nearly half the rate of gun-related deaths that the United States has.

25. There was a war in Switzerland in 1802 called Stecklikrieg that was fought out with wooden clubs because Napoleon took away their weapons.

26-30 Interesting Facts About Switzerland:


26. The Swiss Army Knife’s corkscrew tool is not made in Switzerland, but in Japan. All other parts are pure Swiss-made.

27. The Swiss version of Santa Claus is normally accompanied by a very strange-looking individual with a blacked out face, whose job is to beat naughty children with sticks. The guy’s name is “Schmutzli”, which roughly translates to “Dirty”.

28. The Swiss military keeps fully stocked artillery bunkers, disguised as quaint country homes, in the middle of populated villages.

29. The first ever youth hostel, established to protect the travelers from bandits, has been operating in the Swiss Alps for nearly 1,200 years.

30. Dalai Lama owns the smallest vineyard in the world, which is located in Switzerland. It consists of only three vines and has an area of 1.67 meters squared.

Collected By Aftab Khan And Prepared By Amir Ghulam.

Landscape Photography by AtomicZen|Amir GM














Beautiful Landscape Photography by Sydney, NSW, Australia based photographer AtomicZen. Australia and New Zealand are very beautiful country. Accordingly, staying in Sydney gives him a great opportunity to travel around and take some landscape photos. The goal of the photography is to illustrate the beauty of nature.

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