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New smart gloves that can translate sign language|Amir GM


In this world where everything is going too fast that we almost forget ’bout the little things that are left in between. But there is a company which surprisingly payed attention to these things and actually made a remedy for them. Just to be clear, the thing on which we are focusing on in this article are the disabled people who live among us and have an almost same routine as ours, but we never seem to feel their depression when they would find it difficult to communicate with others.

The Mexican researchers at IPN – National Polytechnic Institute is the research facility that has developed these smart gloves that can sense the sign languages made by people with certain disabilities.

Spanish news agency Efe reported:

‘The prototype, created by Miguel Felix Mata and Helena Luna Garcia, senses hand movements of the user and identifies them with the 26 letters of the English alphabet.’

Helena Luna Garcia said:

“Words and phrases are transmitted by Bluetooth to a mobile device with a preloaded application that displays and reads the signs.”


Presently, the glove can only read letters of the international alphabet but soon it will be able to read the Mexican sign language too. The application, available on the Android platform as Glove Translator, is free but needs the glove to work, the prototype for which is awaiting patent and manufacturing, said IPN.

A conductive thread made from steel thicker than conventional cotton thread and that can be sewn with needle or a machine have been used to detect if the fingers are open or closed. The base of the glove hand is sewn with polyester and nylon and include springs and sensors for strength and to maintain the structure of the hand.


Collected And Prepared By Roxtar Amir