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Dark lady on Mars



Fox6news published news about NASA Curiosity rover which landed on Mars and it captured strange and mysterious photograph. Initially it was considered fake because previously so many pictures published and they were photoshop. After NASA Curiosity rover released those pictures which they discovered and then it has been published by fox6news.
Mars Woman Figure NASA Curiosity
NASA Curiosity rover captured the picture in which a strange figure has been seen which is very similar to woman figure and she is standing at the rock of Red Planet. it’s not first time when NASA captured images showing any extra terrestrial existence but it’s fact that first time NASA released some thing which is similar to a human figure. All over social media websites people named it a “DARK LADY”.
Mars Woman Figure Curiosity (Up)
Mars Woman Figure Curiosity (Up)
Just after releasing that dark lady photograph NASA curiosity rover released another photograph on the very next day of Red Planet in showing an unknown creature appearing from the cave, NASA Scientist named it Monster crab because it had many tentacles around it. Maybe its a monster or just a rock NASA is still not sure about this tentacled monster crab.
NASA Mars Curiosity Rover Space Crab
NASA Mars Curiosity Rover Space Crab
Collected By Aftab M. Khan
Prepared By Roxtar Amir