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Top 10 Saddest Songs List | Amir GM

The world in which we live today, its like music is in the very air, like we just can’t survive without music, from ‘we’ I meant us teenagers, its what we can say, like oxygen for us, while walking, working, dusting, exercising, or even when reading something, a slow score makes the reading too a bit less boring.

Music also is able to change our mood. Like we ought to listen to music when we are sad and when we are happy, while being grieved, it makes us feel a bit better, and while being happy, it gives us the pleasure like nothing else!

But right now, in this article, we’d be talking about those songs that we usually wanna listen to when we are sad or in pain, or are thinking about someone special…

Below are those sad songs that will expand your sadness even further, I think the voting in this list have been done real wisely, because I really loved the one on the top and thought it really deserved the 1st position.

So here we go!

(Source: TheTopTens.com)

Now many of you, readers, would be too lazy to even go to google to search for the song and download or listen to it right, so allow me the pleasure sir!

The following are the links to the songs mentioned above in the list, you can either right click on the links and click ‘save link as’ to download the songs directly, or click on the links themselves to listen to them in a new tab:

1. My Immortal – Evanescene

2. Tears In Heaven – Eric Clapton

3. The Last Words You Said – Sarah Brightman

4. Without You – X Japan

5. Stan – Eminem

6. Time To Say Goodbye – Sarah Brightman

7. Wake Me Up When September Ends – Green Day*

8. The Winner Takes It All – ABBA

9. Yesterday – The Beatles

10. Hurt – Johnny Cash

NOTE: The song Wake Me Up When September Ends by green Day is not available to be listened, however, you can download it in the same way you download the other songs (right click and ‘save link as’).

I have  checked and double-checked every link, however, if you find any broken links in the article anywhere, please report in the comments so they can be corrected, also, I would like to hear if you like the voting or you would rather disagree with it?

Colleceted And Prepared By Roxtar Amir