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Two Different Species Of Freshwater Turtles |Nayab Khan

11326371_1476741099311082_1698356521_nTwo different species of freshwater turtles were reported by a student in DHA, Lahore and recovered by WWF-Pakistan.
The first, a brown roofed turtle, is native to Pakistan, Bangladesh and India and is common in river channels and larger canals. It frequents muddy waters with some current where there are logs, bridge abutments, and other protruding objects. It commonly basks in groups and is omnivorous. According to the IUCN Red List the species is Near Threatened.
The second turtle recovered was an Indian flapshell turtle, a freshwater species commonly found in South Asia. It is also omnivorous. Nesting generally occurs in late summer and extends into the monsoon season, July through November.
Despite extensive exploitation by man as a food source for many years, changes to the turtle’s natural habitat by the construction of dams and barrages, cultivation along river banks, and pollution are major threats to the survival of these turtles.
There are eight species of freshwater turtles found in Pakistan which are protected under wildlife laws. It is therefore illegal to keep any of these as pets.

Collected And Prepared By Nayab Khan