Toddler still missing five days after wandering away from family’s campsite | Amir GM

DeOrr Kunz Jr.
DeOrr Kunz Jr. has been missing since Friday, July 10th. Credit: Kunz Family

The kid Deorr Kunz Jr. is being searched by everyone since he dissappeared from their family’s campsite last Friday at Leadore, Idaho.

The family says Deorr’s parent’s believed his grandfather was watching him at the campsite at Timber Creek Campground while his grandfather believed he was down by the creek with his parents.


Deorr Kunz Sr., Deorr’s father, told East Idaho News on Monday:

“Just in a split second, your whole world is upside down and vanished.”

Lemhi County Sheriff Lynn Bowerman, told the reporters:

“We’re starting to now focus on that area again, although we’ve searched near there initially and nothing of significance was found by the search and rescue team, until we find him, we cannot rule anything out.”

An amber alert has not been issued, as Bowerman says the case does not fit the criteria needed. However, Deorr’s family believes the toddler may have been abducted.

Kunz Sr. said:

“There’s a possibility that he may be with somebody and that’s what is giving us hope, it’s a bad thing that he would be not with us right now, but it also means there’s a good chance that he is alive and with somebody.”

Deorr was last seen wearing a camouflage jacket, blue sweat pants, and dark boots. If you have any information about his whereabouts, please call the Lemhi County Sheriff’s Office at (208) 756-8980.

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